Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Upon which I decide I would like to be agoraphobic...

You would not think that two towns only 50 minutes apart could be so culturally different.  In Greenwood I could take my homeschooled children out at any time of day to do any activity that needed attention whether it be the dealership to have work done on a vehicle, haircuts, music lessons or buying groceries.  You *might* get a quizzical look before 2pm...but that would be all. 

In Bloomington that just is not the case.  Two weeks ago I was in line at the customer service desk at Sam's when a couple got in line behind me.  My children were standing around our overflowing cart about 15-20 feet away.  The man immediately said in a very gruff and unpleasant voice "Why aren't those children in school!?" to his wife.  I turned and looked at the kids who were all standing stock still.  Politely...talking quietly among themselves.  I thought briefly about engaging him and telling him that A.) It is none of his business and B.) Maybe he should take notes on how to be quiet and polite...but I didn't.  His wife must have sensed me stiffen when he said that.  Either that or the skirt gave me away.  Anyway they made no further comment while I could hear.  

Yesterday an older lady was questioning my sister 'if they were all together' while HJ and I had our puggles back with the vet getting their shots.  My sister, our two oldest and the two youngest were in the waiting room.  She obviously was not used to seeing a large family in action.  The kids were reading and the little boys asking questions that my sister tried to answer.  When I came out N ran over to me and asked for a hug.  I bent over and hugged him and I said "Yes...because I was gone SO LONG!" just being silly.  The older lady then piped up and more or less tried to put me in my place for leaving them out in the waiting room all that time.  Told me what good help GRANDMA had been!?   (The implication was there also that with ALL THOSE CHILDREN I am forcing Grandma to help.) 

WHY would you say something like that?  Why would you assume any such thing?  Why do people in Bloomington think it is okay to just force themselves upon others with every thought that crosses their mind?  I was not raised like that.  I was raised to keep my lips zipped and mind my own business.  Acting like that is rude.  My sister quickly piped up and said, oh no...we are sisters.  These are not my grand children.  The lady kept saying No!  Many times.  She could not wrap her head around that.  What is so odd about that?  My sister is my neighbor.  We came to town together to run errands.  LOL  What is the big deal?  And for the record, the two oldest are 14.  They are well old enough to keep an eye on the 8 and 10 year olds in a waiting room for a few minutes.  The 8 and 10 year old are mature enough to be trusted to stay with the older kids too. 

I'm going to get one of those walking signs...a sandwich board?  Is that what those are called?  I'm going to write on it: 

Yes, they are all mine.
Yes, I wanted a large family.
Yes, we homeschool.
Yes, I like to wear skirts.
Yes, I drive a 14 passenger van.  (AKA The Church Bus)
No, we are not part of a cult.
Can I share with you about Adoption and/or Foster Care?

Please address all questions, problems and concerns to: TheDreamOfTheKing@gmail.com I will answer them to the best of my ability at a more convenient time.

For Pete's sake people, be nice.  Are you four?  Do I make rude comments about your family size or personal convictions?  LeaveMeAlone  I'mBecomingAgoraphobic  I don't need to shop, I have Amazon. *Whimper*

 PS... You should hear the story about what happened while we were in NOLA when we took our family into the French Quarter to see a parade. :X  I've heard of people saying someone gave them the 'look of death' but I never really experienced it for myself until that day.  I thought that parade would never be over. 

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