Monday, November 17, 2014

When paranoia is justified...

Something happened the other night.  At the time I blew it off and didn't even mention it to HubbyD.  On Saturday evening last week the girls and I and Little Mister got in the van and drove their older sister, T, to their Papaw's house out near the airport in Indy.  SisterT and BrotherA had come for a visit the night before and BrotherA had to leave earlier than SisterT wanted to I told her I would take her back to her car.  

Once we arrived we all went in and visited with PapawB and AuntL for a few minutes. We were only there...less than a half an hour.  When we went back out to the van to leave we loaded up...and realized the dome light was on inside the van.  We checked all the doors and could not get it to go off.  I was puzzled, but not alarmed.  We pulled out of the driveway and drove a couple blocks down the street to a church and pulled over to take a look at it.  (SisterT was leaving at the same time and we didn't want to hold her up.  She needed to get home.)

We could not figure out HOW to shut off that dome light.  SisterT pulled up in her vehicle and rolled her window down to make sure we were okay.  It was dark, but it wasn't even seven o'clock yet so we told her we were okay and to go on.

As soon as her car pulled away another vehicle swooped in from the other side of the church and made a bee line to park right next to us.  My Spidey sense must have been going off because I saw it and immediately pulled away and left.  Decided to go on further to a better lit area to deal with it.  We drove ten or fifteen minutes toward home with HJ holding a jean jacket over the light so I could see to drive.  

We found a nicely lit place and stopped.  Again we could NOT figure out how to shut that light off...I briefly considered pulling out the manual to try and figure it out or calling HubbyD to ask him...but I felt exposed so I didn't.  We hurried and popped the lens off of it and removed the bulb...put the lens back on...and drove home.   Where I promptly forgot about it.  It wasn't until sometime this week we were driving...hit a bump and the lens popped back off.  HubbyD questioned why we had taken it off and we told him.  I think that was Friday night.

Yesterday as we were leaving church HubbyD said to me...if you turn the knob that you pull to turn on the headlights it will shut off the dome light.  I tried to turn it and it didn't move.  He is putting the bulb back into the dome light and replacing the lens...and I kept saying to that doesn't work.  (Turning the knob.)  Then it clicked.  The light went out.  ...and a slow cold chill came over me.  I realized someone had been in our van that night.  While we were inside visiting for those few minutes...someone had come over and opened my drivers door...and turned that knob.  It could not possibly been turned on accident.  It took way too much force to turn it.  It could  not have just been bumped.  It wasn't snagged on my purse.  It was TURNED by SOMEONE who had opened my van door and GOT INSIDE.

That realization, my friends, will turn your world on its ear.

We talked about it, I said it in the moment...but I still didn't want to believe it.  I didn't want to give her credit enough to do something like that.

Until this morning.  At ten minutes until five my eyes popped open and I put it all together.  What had happened in the parking lot...the dome light...and I knew it was her hubby K.  HE would know to do something like that.  I kept hearing my HubbyD saying to me in the church lot yesterday... "ANYONE who has ever driven a FORD would know how to turn on that dome light.  You turn that headlight knob."  Of course, her hubby K would have driven a truck before.  Of course, he knew that.  I felt so stupid.  I could see it all play out again in my head in the darkness.  THEY were driving that creepy old red car that had swooped in to park next to us at the church.

Well, that was the end of the sleep for me.  I got up and decided to go ahead and start breakfast prep for the kids.  ...after I shut all the blinds.  Baking is therapy. 

I really don't think anyone followed us home that night.  I think I would have noticed someone following me all the way through the country to the highway...and then all the way home.  But it is unnerving nonetheless.   I'm glad I shut down my personal facebook page last week.  I'm glad I blew away my old blog.  I don't think I have given them enough credit.  I think they are smarter than I thought. I think it is only a matter of time until she confronts us and tries to convince D, B and HJ that they were stolen from her and sold to us.   They know better.  They won't believe her...but she believes her own lies and that tells me she is well past mentally ill.

Please pray for safety and protection for all six of her kids.  Please pray that she will wake up and stop believing her own press and see the truth for what it is.  Pray that the enemy will no longer have a hold on them.

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