Tuesday, July 7, 2015

“May I ask what all of this is FOR?”

Missy (my older sister and next door neighbor) went to do her shopping today and took the 13 year old HJ to help. They called me from the store to tell me that Kroger had a big sale on hotdogs and bologna again this year. (10 for $10)  Missy asked me how much I wanted…and I asked her “Are you sure you won’t be embarrassed?”  LOL  I had her get 20 packs of hotdogs and 10 of bologna.  When they were checking out a very rude lady (other customer) poked her head around HJ and said “May I ask what all of this is FOR?”  In a very condescending who-do-you-think-you-are? tone of voice.

Let me be clear, there was a huge cold case full of these sale items.  We did not take so much that it was going to keep anyone else from getting all they wanted too.  There was no limit stated.  They are ADVERTISED as 10 for $10.  Why shouldn’t I buy a few sets?  I have a chest freezer, upright freezer and two fridges with freezers.  We have that particularly so we can buy meat in bulk when we get a good price.  Truth be told, I’m planning to go to the other Kroger later this week and buy a few more sets. 

We are still finishing up the ones we bought last year at this same sale and put in the freezer.  They are still very good.  No quality loss.  So this is an opportunity not to be missed as far as I'm concerned.  In a situation like this sale it is my policy to always buy as much as we can:

1.) reasonably store 
2.) to last as long as possible 
3.) at the very best price!  

As a family we go through 2-3 packages each time we make hotdogs.   20 packs will only last minimum of 10 meals over the course of a year.  We eat hotdogs at least once a week for a lunch or dinner.  Call me crazy if you want to lady, but I’m the one who is responsible for our budget.  I am not bothered at all by what you think of how we do things.

Missy might not want to shop for me anymore though.  LOL ;) 


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